In early years of 1980s through a privacy for innovation "Doi Moi" of Vietnamese state authority and for newly economic growth of Hochiminh city as deeply and how gradual resident living quality and income raising for days to days, therefore relaxation and entertainment needs of resident coming. But at that time, our city had only 02 well-known parks such as the Zoo and Tao Dan Cultural and Entertainment Park but it was unsatisfied to the needs for entertainment of resident which considered as especially as on Tet Holidays or special holidays of domestic and oversea Vietnamese residents.

In order for visitors and their needs, in the year of 1983 we found the privacy and plan from local, state authority, district’s party committee, district 10’s committee determined to form and build Ky Hoa Park with its facing original area of 1 hectares, and it was built during 3 months and on 22nd December 1983 this park was officially activated to all welcome. From 1986, Ky Hoa got further expanded its surface area as to not only reach to cultural park in district 10 but also the whole Hochiminh city as with totally as 8 hectares. Since then, the name so-called “Ho Ky Hoa” was well-known as a new site for our breaths of relaxation, which was accustomed to us and it became a proud of district 10’s residents as privately or as generally in our city.

* Scenario period 1988 – 1991:
In October 1988, Ky Hoa 2 Park was newly built up with decorated with splendid works and buildings there including Ky Hoa 2 restaurant, erected ferris wheel, train moving surrounding water spraying lake and so on.
Since 1990 it has been gradually reached to the sectors of hotels and tourism. Up to 1992 several hotel buildings were fulfilled with total 106 rooms of furniture, outside and inside decoration furnishes to be installed there accompanying with modern devices and infrastructural systems.

* Scenario period 1993-1995:
Ky Hoa place between the years of 1993-1994 was considered as difficult phase with high competing in tourism, restaurant, hotel and park. In that situation and in the coordination of communist party and local authority, Ky Hoa was strengthened, built up and kept on development pacing with its upgraded road work systems, infrastructural facility including Ky Hoa Hotel Front Gate, Tennis Court and so many buildings.
It is nowadays that Ky Hoa is so-called a unique hotel in Hochiminh city was taken a majority to the hotel with its ambient enormous yard, ventilated spaces in good condition next to pond, lake and green atmosphere direct to district 10 cultural tourism, business centre and plaza block.

* Scenario period 1996-1999:
- In May 1999, Ky Hoa 2 Park was handed-over to the authorized Minh Thanh Company for municipal military command for its period of next development and operation.
-Ky Hoa 1 Park was managed by Ky Hoa Tourism and Trading Company just own its area of more than 2 hectares with narrow area for further expansion as especially as enhancement and innovation for scenery, business scope in tourism service, banquet and hospitality range thus Ky Hoa for its key range.
-On November 14, 1997, district 10’s local committee of which authorization of managing the Ky Hoa Tourism and Trading Company as above to the Administrative Board of Finance of Committee for direct management and coordination.
-In April 2004, the name of Ky Hoa Tourism and Trading Company was changed to Ky Hoa Private One Member Tourism and Trading Company Limited in order for business hotel and restaurant service scope.
-In 2008, Ky Hoa Hotel was established its branch in Vung Tau City as so-called as 03 Star Hotel Standard.

-In 2009, Ky Hoa Hotel was established its branch in Dalat City as so-called as 03 Star Hotel Standard.

-It was since 2004 up to now, the hotel and restaurant chain of which brand-name of Ky Hotel gradually reached over to open its branches, business and as the rest-top and resort as its credibility and a top class for visitors from over domestic and foreign countries who are visiting Ho Chi Minh city.

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